Senior Pastor

Kevin Huber

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Kevin became a member and began serving at Hope in 1998. He became the bi-vocational senior pastor in 2014. With a Masters of Theological Studies from Liberty University, a program which includes surveys of the Old and New Testament, apologetics, and systemic theology, Kevin teaches from a solid foundation from which to understand the fundamentals of the Bible, Christian theology, and church history. Finding Truth was not an easy road for Kevin. Even though he was raised with a mixture of Catholic and Methodist roots, his family only attended church on special occasions. He was a natural-born skeptic. At the age of 15, he was invited to attend a youth camp in Skycroft Maryland. From there the Holy Spirit got a hold of his heart. Even though he made a decision to follow Christ at that camp, he never lost his intellectual fervor or skepticism. His faith journey has been one of many hard fought wrestling matches for finding Truth. He is consistently trying to prove out his faith against anything this world has to offer. Even though he strongly affirms apologetics, he believes that most people will become Christians today because they see a true authentic Christian living out their faith and not because they won a debate. He believes the best defense of the GOSPEL is to live it out. It is his dream to grow and multiply the Church by planting additional churches, as well as mentoring the next generation of up and coming pastors and leaders.



Church Administrator/Financial Secretary

Diana Franklin

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