John 9 - John 12:1-19
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Delivered By
Kevin Huber
Delivered On
March 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM
Central Passage
John 9 - John 12:1-19
Ministry Attributes Part 4

John 9
V1 HE saw, ministry looks for opportunity.
V3 Ministry works from our weakness. God’s works are displayed in our weakness.  God will show himself to the world thru us, not in our strength, but in provisions for us.
Ministry depends on God’s strengths. Not our own.
V4 Ministry works when it makes practical sense to do so.  Don’t work blind, work on what you can see. Logically do what makes sense.   Take advantage of when you see God at work.
Ministry divides people.
2 camps…
Reasons to divide, he doesn’t keep the Sabbath like we do or teach.  Seems like silly reason.  This is the source of their power and identity.  People come to them on Sabbath.  Christ is Lord of ALL. logical question, how can a sinner perform? Implication, he’s not a sinner he is God.
V29 Their knowledge ends with Moses on purpose, and if they had their way all knowledge stops in the OT.  They used law and Moses as means of exploiting people.
True ministry seeks more knowledge and doesn’t settle with limitations.   They admit their lack of knowledge.
V30 He can’t help but use their words against them, the implication is they are being dumb asking him, why not go to the source and figure out where he is from? Unless of course you already don’t like the answer.  Jesus had said he comes from God.  HE didn’t talk about OT fulfillment, he simply stated what they needed to know.
V31 Ministry uses reasoning and common sense. He also reiterates or restates what others who are divided already concluded. God doesn’t use sinners to do miracles.  IT’s not logical to do so.
V32 he adds more evidence to his argument, nobody can do what he is doing, doesn’t that sound like God? It looks, smells, and taste like God, it probably is God.
V33 He states what everyone can clearly see.  Nothing without God.
Ministry states the obvious about Jesus.
V34 they threw him out, getting kicked out of church.
V35 Ministry listen to what happens to others.  Know their story. And it finds others, and Asks do you believe?
I assume Jesus himself has been banned by now from the church as well? Since people are careful not say things, it is well established followers of his are banned, and he himself is likely banned.
V38 Ministry leads to belief and worship.
Chapter end with Jesus saying the Pharisees are spiritually blind, while this healed man now has both physical and spiritual sight.  Good to have both. If you have to pick one, go spiritual.

John 10
V1 Who is this robber? Are the Pharisees trying to get in the pen by another way?
V2 Shepherd belongs = Jesus belongs.  Implied, the Pharisees no longer belong, they are just blind but completely out of place.
V3 Gatekeeper and sheep listen to Jesus. Followers.  He calls, leads and follows.
Ministry involves talking and listening.  Calling by name. Ministry knows the followers.  It is not artificial or fake, not for show, it is authentic.
Ministry produces a recognition factor among believers.
Ministry is led by shepherds who go before others.  
V4 Ministry is willing to take ownership, or is willing to invest in others.
Ministry leaders invoke trust to be followed, who listen to a liar?
V5 followers reject imitations of shepherd.
Ministry becomes familiar.
V7 only entrance to heaven is Jesus. Ministry points to this truth gate.
V8 those before him are false Pharisees
V9 Enter through me, Ministry has no other option, only one way to heaven.
V10 Ministry is gives life, full life.  No shortage of life, not partial, full. Couldn’t be any more life then this.
V11 Ministry protects and sacrifices for others
V13 Ministry cares for others, so they will not be harmed. You want spiritual safety for others.
Ministry divides into unbelief or belief.
V31 Remember when Jesus would accuse them of wanting to kill him, and they would say “Who wants to kill you?”  They are way past that now. 

John 11
Ministry proclaims Jesus to be God.  His enemies clearly knew What Jesus implied by his comments.
Ministry will take risk on behalf of others.
Ministry doesn’t always have a safe path in front of it.
Ministry is never late. Don’t’ give up.
V22 Martha still had hope, he could have been saved, even now you can do what you want, because God listens to you.  It doesn’t mean she expected a resurrection.  This was more of acknowledgement that God is not something lesser by letting Lazarus die.  Martha was accepting the death. 
What happens when we don’t accept loss? When it haunts us, we don’t have good relationship with God.
Ministry is about creating a healthy reverence for God even in tragedy.   Can you say I love you Lord even when things are bad?
V23 He will rise again, timing is not mentioned
V24 Timing is assumed later.
Does your love for the Lord depend on his timing to match yours? Martha, clearly loved God despite the timing.
Ministry leads to the confessions that Jesus is Messiah, the Son of God.
Ministry is not afraid to cry with others in their pain, we experience a lot of pain and grief in the church and we should not be worried about what other think when we cry.
If you go your whole life without shedding a tear in ministry, you probably didn’t care for others, or unless something physically is wrong with you?
V39 Martha believes, but she can’t imagine what Jesus wants with a dead body.
Ministry might confuse even the believers at times, because God will do the unexpected, despite our ideas. God is not limited in his capacity act based on our understanding or level of faith.
V42 Ministry will say and do things for those who are listening and watching so that the may believe.
Ministry of Jesus gives us hope, it changes us from death to life. WE are dead men walking until we meet Christ.

John 12
Ministry will sometimes do expensive things in the name of worship.
Ministry is personal. Her expense, her hair, her act of service.
Ministry is concerned about those who will pass on.
Ministry will worship Jesus anywhere.  We are not limited to church.  We are not limited with instruments of praise.