John 6:22-John 8
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Delivered By
Kevin Huber
Delivered On
March 20, 2022 at 10:00 AM
Central Passage
John 6:22-John 8
Ministry Attributes Part 3

John 6
Ministry draws all types of people
Ministry should leave people wanting more
Ministry gives the Gospel freely, despite motives
Belief takes work, therefore Ministry is work
Ministry is work is for those that already believe
Ministry is not about our greed, but our need
Ministry must overcome preconceived ideas about who Jesus is
Ministry corrects us, right thinking and wrong thinking
Ministry is for anyone!
Ministry eternal mindset repeated
Ministry stays consistent with the message, even when others are confused by it
Ministry is led by the Spirit
Ministry doesn’t compromise for the sake of followers
Ministry knows Jesus is the answer

John 7
Ministry doesn’t stop when family doesn’t believe or understand
Ministry led by God is impressive to unbelieving world
Ministry invokes God’s words, not our own
Ministry works on the Sabbath.  It’s not lazy
Ministry uses common sense and deductive reasoning
Ministry depends on Scripture, adds power to any conversation
Ministry challenge people to make a choice
Ministry addresses confusion and lies
Ministry will divide people

John 8
Ministry is patient, even with those who want to antagonize us for our belief in Christ
Ministry Identifies with sin, Humble, likely taking posture of the woman, bent down and lowly.
Ministry keeps calm
Ministry does not act superior toward others
Ministry forgives, because we have been forgiven
Ministry tells others to leave their sin
Ministry shows the path to freedom in Christ
Ministry proclaims Jesus is God. I AM