Exodus 5, 6:1-5
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Delivered By
Kevin Huber
Delivered On
October 24, 2021 at 10:00 AM
Central Passage
Exodus 5, 6:1-5
From mountain tops to the valleys

Possessions and land are also promised.

The man, the call, the return… and now the contest or conflict.

Mountain top to the valley, not peak to peak unfortunately.

Mountain top experiences are wonderful, but the direction off of most mountains is down. And so it is not uncommon to experience adversity after we have encountered the Lord in special ways.

Afterward… What? The Worship! Elders may have joined him even.

First encounter… not the man who wanted to kill him or the baby killer. Yet Maybe they still knew each other?

Miracle #1 they could walk into the kings presence in the first place. Imagine if we did this to the most powerful leader today? Ex 3:18, possibly with the elders. Shepherds are an abomination to Egyptians. Unclean presence allowed? God had to be behind this visit and those to come.

This monarch probably not accustom to have someone make a demand of him, usually the other way around. This took courage, confidence, and faith, they came in riding the wave of worship to talk to the king.

V2 who is the lord is the right question to ask, unfortunately he wasn’t really searching for the answer.  He was being sarcastic, there is no such thing in his view. Statement of arrogance.  No deity greater than himself.  Right question, wrong heart. If he only knew. This choice was the beginning of the end for him.  Could be same for other non-believers.

The pharaoh was more than a man the considered themselves gods.

It is clear that when the people of God attempt to devote their full service and allegiance to God, they are likely to encounter opposition from the world.

V3 2nd appeal made… This encounter is a declaration of war on Pharaoh and his false gods.  Our life is at war with the false gods of this world. This is not mans word, but God’s word for the king. They are not treating pharaoh like a god. How dare anyone obey someone else. 

Reminder that this is a life or death matter not only for Egyptians but for Hebrews too.  Your property is at risk. Fear God, not man pretending to be a god.

 Pharaoh had a chance to submit, we all have chances.

Why? He finds them suspicious.  A week away from work is too much? how dare they lowly shepherds and slaves ask this. You are a problem Moses. The king will not let you worship another because it will impact his own glory. This is how the world reacts to worshiping anything other than its own. This is why putting Jesus first is hard, you must deny yourself.

Get back to your slavery.  You are not the boss nor is your alleged God. Don’t mess with my economy.

Pharaoh looks for an easy way to turn the people against Moses and this new found love for God.  Make life hard and they will not love God. Those people are his property.  Let MY people go is an insult. Ownership is being disputed.  Who owns you? The world or God? Who has your allegiance most? Are you a mini pharaoh or a Christ follower?

More concerned about economics than God? King chose wealth over fear of the LORD. 

The king is not sympathetic in the slightest.  A brick wall.

Pressure is on, oppression becomes greater. Opposite of what you want. Punishment for asking.

Difficulty doesn’t mean your not in God’s will, he will provide assurances even in the hard times.

The King of this will pervert the words of God, call it lies.  You must determine what is real and what is the enemy talking.

V15-17 the Hebrews are crying out to the wrong person, they should have gone straight God and not to Pharaoh. Lost focus quickly.

V19 trouble, we need to work harder. Pharaoh wanted to discredit Moses and he knew exactly how to do it. He’s been manipulating these people for years, we should not be shocked. Tyrants don’t admit mistakes, they find someone to blame.

V20 Was this the same people who worshiped after seeing the signs? Have they lost faith already.  Even invoke the LORDs name to judge them, we are innocent, you made us stink (pointing out sin sounds like this).  Accusing leaders of not getting God’s message correct? You did something wrong by asking us to worship.  Life would be better if you had never gone.  This is the end for us.  We will die because of this.  Moses lie? Did God lie? Did they misplace their trust? 

Is there a more faithful way to react to this situation? Could they have looked to the LORD? Did anyone actually die? Trust God is still concerned and that he is not done yet.  He is still at work.   Even if bad comes, I will still love the LORD!

Worse conditions should motivate us more to be free from slavery. Yet the reacted poorly. They were at peace and content with a level of slavery, which is bad. Spiritually we should never make peace with our sin, always at war.  Bad conditions should make us want to be free from sin.  Bad conditions should turn us toward God, not away from Him.

God gives us the bad maybe so we can long for the good, not for the bad we can merely tolerate. God needs us to suffer to break bad allegiances with things we should have never been loyal to in the first place.

V22 Moses returned to the LORD, which is exactly what we all should do when trouble finds us.  It is not ungodly to have questions or concerns.  It is, however, ungodly not to believe the promises God has made to you.

V23 Do you think God doesn’t already know? Where is the rescue? Moses was not paying close enough attention.  He told him this would happen, how does he forget.  The mountain top experience makes us think nothing could ever go wrong again.  God is teaching us there are highs and lows to every journey.  The valley is necessary part of growing.

This is almost a repeat of the burning bush, questions sound like objections and blame.

Why send me? Anyone else available?

What’s your name? Your name = trouble.

God warned him it would be hard, had to convince him to go help the people, now his heart is broken for the people.  Ever wonder if you care more about people than God? That is a bad perspective.  If anything Moses is now caught up on how God has been feeling.  God delayed is not God’s betrayed.  We don’t like the timing, but God has his reasons. 

A mightier hand is coming, I’m going to act on behalf of the Hebrews.  You aint seen nothing yet.

Reminding him of the promises.  I didn’t do the powerful things for them like I’m about to do now. There should be no question who is God after I’m done here. Moses thinks he cares more about people then God, God says think again!

Moses: if I was God the people would have already been rescued.  Our timing and plan is not better than God’s and He shows himself true always.