Sunday School
Team Leader: Becky Runyen

Adult Sunday School #1 led by Scott Henderson (meets in Room 29)

Going through the Psalms has been way more rewarding than I first thought. This week we will end our journey through this wonderful collection of poems and songs with Psalm 42. I will leave where we go from here up to you. We can go to Acts or 2 Corinthians. You decideAdult Sunday School #2 led by Pastor Kevin Huber  this is now a basics of our faith class and is meeting down stairs

Adult Sunday School #3 led by Rosa Starnes (meets in the blue prayer room, next to the sanctuary)

Youth (Middle & High School) Sunday School led by Pastor Tim Rucker and Greg & Kate Custer (meets in Room 33)

Children's (K-5th Grade) Sunday School led by Becky Runyen (Meets in Room 35)

Pre-School Sunday School led by Sandy Turner (meets in Room 15, on the upper level)

Babies & Toddlers Sunday School led by Roxanne Barron (meets in Room 16, on the upper level)